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Friday, September 3, 2010

Wanna learn How to play guitar?

     One of main advantages of learn to play guitar courses is that you can earn and play the guitar wherever and whenever you want. This is the magic of self paced learning, where your life and normal duties or responsibilities do not have to be on standby just because you want to learn a new skill. With traditional music schools, teachers and classes, everything is pre-set on fixed schedules.
     With online learning, however, there is perfect flexibility in terms of when and where you want to learn. If you feel like getting into the guitar lesson at night within the comfortable confines of your home, you can do so without any hassle. One of the best resources for learn to play guitar tutorials is available at


Friday, April 9, 2010

Earn Money From Your Honest Opinions: Maximum Paid Surveys review

Hey guys! Ever heard about paid surveys online? I know this is not new. For tenured bloggers this is like old stuff for them but for some newbies out there who haven't heard of it this is something different. I came across paid surveys when I search for jobs online.  Since I am quite curious about it I've researched about how this stuff works.  Big companies are asking consumers to provide an honest opinion about their products and services and in return they pay you for it. There are a lot of websites offering paid surveys but always be careful of scam websites.  Those are sites who make you pay and you don't get anything in return. Those that don't live up to their promises.  But there is one site I would like to share since I find a lot of money making opportunities on it.  That site is  Maximum Paid Surveys. What makes me interested in this is that when you become a member, you are provided with different options where you can choose from.  From making money through surveys, data entry, mystery shoppers to affiliate marketing, net auctions and a lot more.  You can get paid $5-$75 from taking up surveys, up to $250 to participate in focus groups or collective interviews, get paid $15-$25 to try new products and get paid $10 - $50 to shop, eat or watch a movie at the local theater and answer a short questionnaire about consumer experience.  How's that sound? For me, this is really a great opportunity especially to those who are unemployed or newly graduates with no jobs at the moment or simply someone who wanted to earn more cash for themselves.  What makes this site differ from other survey sites is that not only they provide database for paid surveys but they also provide sites for other jobs like data entry and medical transcription.
Now talking about the downsides, this site doesn't guarantee a full-time job since you only get paid per completed survey. Another thing is, most of the offers are for US, Canada and UK only.  If you are living in those countries, good for you. You can take full advantage of it. There are also sites that has offers for India, Germany, Portugal, etc.  If you're in the Philippines like me, you can also join however it takes some time before you can receive surveys since they also consider participants depending on their geographical location.  However, don't loose hope.  If you think you don't make much money from taking surveys, you can also join their affiliate program.  Maximum Paid Surveys Affiliate Program.  Here you can earn through commissions from every member that you refer.  That is $26 per member. To find out more, check out their site and start earning $$$.  Enjoy!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lets Learn and Earn

Hi friends! Thanks for dropping by. This is April. I don't know what made you visit my site but I'm sure you are in the same goal as mine, to earn extra cash. Yes, who would not want to earn more money and gain financial freedom? Each and everyone of us has the drive to reach the top and feel relaxed at the end of the day without worrying what our expenses would be for the next couple of days.  Personally, I'm not a marketing graduate. I'm a nurse and works in a hospital 8 hours a day with a minimum wage that could not even suffice much of my needs.  Like most of us, I'm having problems on how to cope up with my expenses. Though I am not unemployed but I want to improve my standards of living. Because of that, I worked hard and made a thorough research on how to maximize my resources at home and that is with the use of the internet.  I don't know you personally and maybe you're a techy person or has more knowledge in online businesses unlike me but somehow we have the same plans of earning more.  At this moment, I'm reading some newsletters that are sent in my email teaching readers on how to earn extra dollars through Affiliate Marketing. I'm a skeptical person that I don't basically believe right away but I always listen to what it has to say. Honestly, I don't know much about affiliate marketing. It's far from what I've studied in school which is Nursing but I'm very willing to learn and earn. Guys, if you have something to say please don't hesitate to post some comments. I would be happy to hear from you. Let's help each other achieve our goals. :D

Friday, April 2, 2010

Union Bank Philippines VISA EON Online review: Poor Customer Service?

Bloggers need online transactions and often than not need to open a Paypal account for free where earnings made from different online businesses are send for a more secured online transaction.  But before you can use your Paypal account, you need to accomplish some basic things before you get started like verifying your email and linking your credit or debit card to your Paypal account.  For people like me who doesn't own a credit card opt to choose a debit card instead. In my case, I've got a debit card from Union Bank. I enrolled my card online at under Visa EON Cyber account and followed their instructions correctly.  The next step was to wait for 2-3 days for my account to be active.  Since my account was new, I patiently waited for a few days.  When I tried to log-in to my account, I typed in my user name and my pin.  It states, "Please enter a valid Card Number or User Id."  I thought I forgot their username so I tried typing my card number but the notice showed up again. I searched for a link like "forgot user name or password?" but I don't see any.  Also, in their FAQs section, there was no portion for problems like these. The next thing to do was to check for a customer service hotline.  Yes, there were phone numbers listed at the back of the credit card but when I tried to call, the prompt message was please check the number.  I also emailed their customer service and sent them all the information needed but there was no reply after that. It has been 2 weeks since I created my account and now I'm stuck with nothing to do but wait. I can't get my bank statement where I can find my Paypal Bank Code. Paypal has charged me almost $2 for linking my debit card and I am not refunded yet. My online transactions were frozen like meat. No online transactions means no earnings for the next ??? days, months, years?? I can't believe a prestigious Bank has services like these.  I'm sorry to tell but they do have poor customer service.  They always say good things about how their online banking works and why we should choose Union bank. I'm still giving them a fair chance to fix this problem but for now, I'm really pissed off!

Over 1800+ designed templates for your blog and web sites

 Hey everyone! I just checked out on this cool product that can help you customize your blog sites. Introducing, Dream Template.  It is the world's premiere template subscription site that offers over 1800+ premium, professionally designed templates for their subscribers to download.  They add over 100+ new templates each month! Their site is unique and their templates are affordable and extremely well - designed.  They provide Website Templates, Flash Templates, corporate identity packages, pre-made logos, Powerpoint/Word Templates, Joomla Templates, Word Templates, oScommere templates and more! Their pricing is extremely competitive and provide an affordable subscription service to thousands of subscribers in over 80 countries! 
Unlike template sites that charge per template, they provide their subscribers with thousands of design choices and as a result conversions are higher, refunds are lower and customers are happier! How's that sound? Cool right?
Not only that, if YOU will join their affiliate programs, you can earn commissions by selling their products.  That is $54/sale! For more info, click the link below and find out more with this amazing offer.
DreamTemplate - Offers 1000's of web templates. Pay once, unlimited downloads!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome to My blog site!

Hi Everyone! First of all, thanks for visiting my site.  I'm April. In case you don't have an idea to what my blog site is all about please do read this. Some might say, "Oh well, this is just another ordinary blog site I've seen before." well maybe that's true. I don't own a website (at least for now) and I'm just another person availing blog site services for free but guess what, "I have something special for you!". Yes, You! I am a person who is thirsty for knowledge and here on my blog site is where I'll share everything I know just for you. Please feel free to check my blog and learn new stuff like post options I do.  Enjoy!